Need to do a background IO process ! 
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 Need to do a background IO process !

I have the following problem:

Due to speed considerations, I need to do a background (update)
process on my access 2.0 MDB.
I've been looking at possibilities of starting a compiled program with
the Exec-command and using API to check whether or not the program has
finished or not. My problem is that in Win95 (using VB4 32 bits) the
"kernel32" does not support "GetModuleUsage" which is supposed to
return "the number of copies" of the program that is running i.e. 0
programs running checked in a Timer Control would be "program in
background is finished".

How easy is it to use threaded OLE-objects instead ? I just need the
quick and easy way...

Please HELP !

Sincere regards from,
Lars Ove Brenna
Systems Consultant

Tempus, Norway

Sat, 16 May 1998 03:00:00 GMT  
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