Database Tables Disappearing - HELP HELP - Need Access Database specs 
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 Database Tables Disappearing - HELP HELP - Need Access Database specs

I have an access database in conjunction with a Visual Basic 3.0
Application.  All too frequently, tables in the database seem to just
get zapped for no known reason.  I suspect it is happening when I exit
the application during the database close, however, I do not know for
sure.  It does not happen frequently enough to identify any pattern.
I am in need of the low level file format and specs for an access
database so I can determine the root of the problem.  If anyone has
these technical specs, please email them to me - I am desperate.  

If you have ever seen this symptom before, please let me know how (if
you could) you worked around the problem.


Sun, 13 Sep 1998 03:00:00 GMT  
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