MSDE, Can't edit data using MSDE 
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 MSDE, Can't edit data using MSDE

I just installed MSDE for MS Visual studio.  I can use Access ADP file to
work with the objects (view tables, restructure tables, create stored
procedures, delete tables, etc.)  However, I just noticed that I can not
edit any data.  That's right, I have no permissions to edit the data.

Where and How do I set up MSDE so I can have these privilages?
When I open a table and attempt to insert record, I notice that the "New
Record" menu option is grayed and unavailable.

Also, when I try to change the Permissions using File=>Connection=>Advanced,
I notice also that I can not modify the Access Rights to this database

I am running MSDE on a stand-alone machine that I use for development, and I
am not attached to SQL Server7.

What is going on here?  Any suggestions or help will be greatly appreciated.


Wed, 08 May 2002 03:00:00 GMT  
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