Refresh delay of records in a jet database 
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 Refresh delay of records in a jet database

I'm having a problem with records not becoming available after updating or
creating in a jet database.

Basically, I have a collection of objects that represent records from a
table. If a delete operation is performed, or a new record added, the
collection is refreshed. The problem is that between the delete or new
record and opening a new recordset to refresh the collection with, jet
hasn't updated it's caching and/or delayed writes haven't been completed.

I changed my connections to use the properties listed below to reduce the
chances of this problem. It has helped significantly, but it still exists.
The Page Timeout sets the time used for Jet to refresh its paging read
cache, but 500 is the lowest value it will accept. Does anyone know of a
solution to get around this problem?

        Conn.Properties("Jet OLEDB:Transaction Commit Mode") = 1
        Conn.Properties("Jet OLEDB:Flush Transaction Timeout") = 0
        Conn.Properties("Jet OLEDB:Page Timeout") = 500
        Conn.Properties("Jet OLEDB:Shared Async Delay") = 0



Tue, 25 Nov 2003 14:40:49 GMT  
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