Data Control recordsource problem 
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 Data Control recordsource problem

I am using VB4/16 against MS Sql Server 4.21a.  I have a data control whose
recordsource property is not set until the user enters part of a name in a text
box.  The lose focus event of the text box then sets the data1.recordsource =
"Select * from mytable where thename like '*" & txtbox & "*'"

My problem is that sometimes it doesn't work.  For example, if I type White
into the text box and hit tab, the lose focus code runs and returns  an empty
recordset.  When I type White into the text box again and hit tab, the lose
focus code runs and returns a two record recordset, which is correct.  However,
other strings usually work.  Also, if a search has succeeded, White will return
the two record recordset the first time.

Any ideas?


Sun, 30 Aug 1998 03:00:00 GMT  
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