VB4: runtime error 3426 
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 VB4: runtime error 3426

I'm using VB 4, Enterprise Edition, 32-bit.

I've got a data control which is associated with a stored query in an
Access 95 database.  Using DAO I add a new record to one of the tables
which is associated with the stored query. I then perform a Requery on the
recordset of the data control.  In testing whether or not the recordset of
the data control "saw" the new data, I wrote a DO UNTIL loop (until the
recordset hit EOF).  (As an aside, it saw the new data.)  After the DO
UNTIL loop is finished, I tried to reposition the recordset by doing a
DATA1.RECORDSET.MOVEFIRST.  This resulted in a error message popping up.
(Something about not being able to perform the action because some other
object was preventing it.)

Why is my program able to walk through all of the records of the query,
but NOT able to go to the first record?


Tue, 29 Dec 1998 03:00:00 GMT  
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