RDO connection to ORACLE database through ODBC string literal too long 
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 RDO connection to ORACLE database through ODBC string literal too long

I'm adding data to a bunch of tables in an oracle database with an
rdoConnection using .execute like so:

        strInsert = "INSERT INTO table1(table_title) " & _
            "VALUES ('" & strSomeValue "')"

        rdoCon.Execute (strInsert)

This works fine for most of the data, but occasionally I have string data
that is much larger than 255 characters.

If I am using access as my database, everything goes swimmingly.

My customer, however, is using Oracle 7. It seems that Oracle limits string
literals in SQL statements to 255 characters.

I'm getting Oracle error 1704 - String Literal too Long when inserting.

Is there any way around this that doesn't involve truncuating the data?

Thanks for the help!

--Phil Gross
  Consulting Engineer
  ServiceSoft Corporation

Mon, 02 Oct 2000 03:00:00 GMT  
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