Access OUTER JOIN syntax 
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 Access OUTER JOIN syntax

Hi all.

Is there any way to do the equivalent of the following SQL-Server statement
using Access 2.0 ODBC 2.0 connection from VB3.0?

The SQL-Server statement is:
1:    SELECT a.*, b.*, c.*
2:    FROM main AS a, extra1 AS b, extra2 AS c
3:    WHERE a.x *= b.x
4:    AND a.y = b.y

Line 3 is a LEFT OUTER JOIN while line 4 is a typical WHERE statement.
SQL server joins the two no problem.
Access however, uses ANSI syntas for LEFT OUTER JOINs, and I'm having
problems implementing the above statement in Access SQL.
So far I have gotten past the problem by changinc line 4 to an OUER JOIN also.

Does anyone know if the above statement is possible in Access SQL?

Please respond if you have any knowledge of this...

Thank you,

Asgeir K. Antonsson

Fri, 14 Nov 1997 03:00:00 GMT  
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