Visual Basic Vs. PowerBuilder 
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 Visual Basic Vs. PowerBuilder


        We are developing a database application, which has Sybase System 10
        as the back end.

        We are still deciding what the front-end is going to be.
        (In my earlier posting I had mentioned about the evaluation of
        PowerBuilder as the front-end). The primary contenders are
        PowerBuilder and Visual Basic.

        I was wondering if any of you have any proir experience with the
        combination of Sybase with either PB or VisualBasic.

        I am looking for some tips on which one is better and why.
        Which one is more stable (PB or VisualBasic) ? Performance concerns,
        learning curve (I know learning curve for PB is preety steep) ....

        ThanX in advance,


Sat, 04 Apr 1998 03:00:00 GMT  
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