database properties and making databases replicable 
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 database properties and making databases replicable


I have a problem with the program below. When I execute it my VB
crashes when I execute the line
     Debug.Print dbs.Properties(9).Value 'crashes here !!!!!!

The count prints 10, The name of the 9th property is DesignMasterId

The real problem I have is to make the database replicable. Note that
the examples in the help files and the Books online differ. VB crashes
on the Append statement.

The environment is Windows95, Visual Basic 4.0(32).

Can anyone give me a clue ?



Option Explicit

Private path As String
Private Sub Form_Load()
    Dim db As Database

    path = "d:\pbu\helpdesk\engineer interface\master.mdb"
    Set db = DBEngine(0).CreateDatabase(path, dbLangDutch)
    doit path

End Sub
Sub doit(strTargetDB)
    Dim dbs As Database
    Dim prop As Property
    ' Open database in exclusive mode.
    Set dbs = DBEngine(0).OpenDatabase(strTargetDB, True)
    ' Create property called "Replicable" and set to True.
    Debug.Print dbs.Properties.Count   'prints 10
    Debug.Print dbs.Properties(9).Name 'prints DesignMasterID
    Debug.Print dbs.Properties(9).Value 'crashes here !!!!!!

    Set prop = dbs.CreateProperty("Replicable", dbText, _
    dbs.Properties.Append prop
            ' Makes the DB replicable.
End Sub

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