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 DBCombos and some general Qs


I am new to this group and VB. I have a few Qs:

a) I have a Data Control to which many Text control are tied in. I am using
   a DBCombo to display the list of lastnames and wish that the user be able to
   select a lastname and the Text controls be changed appropriately. So, i use

dtaMyData.RecordSet.Bookmark = DBCombo1.SelectedItem

   to set the database to the appropriate record. But this has the added effect
   of modifying the lastname of the first record to the selected one!!

   To make it more clear, suppose my combo list had "bond, smith, doe" and
   i selected "doe", my list would display "doe, smith, doe". Mind you, the
   text control would be updated according to the third record.

   So, what am i doing wrong here??

b)  I have two DBCombos accessing the same table from a database (different
    fields). I want to select one item from a list of one Combo and have the
    appropriate (in my case, the correct field from that record) be displayed
    as selected in the other combo and vice versa.

    My problem is that I cant see how I can set the ListIndex of one to the
    other (this property is not available for DBCombos but is for Combos)??


Sat, 10 Oct 1998 03:00:00 GMT  
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