MDI co-ordinates, docking form and more 
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 MDI co-ordinates, docking form and more


I've got some questions about sizing and moving child-windwos at
I try to create a program, that has a main (a desktop) window, inside
there is a navigation window and a few window showing my datas,
containing on what I click in my nav-window.
On loading the program first the nav-window should appear (on the left
or wherever the use will place it afterwards) . After choosing a node
in the nav-window, the window containing this data should fit exactly
into the free space of the desktop.
Sounds good, should look fine, but I've stoked soon in the beginning
of this project.

Here my problems:
- find the position of the child-window after moving it.
- Avoid child-windows of stepping out of the edge
- How can I detect if I move to the edge of the parents-form
- Determine the co-ordinates of the useable MDI-parent space (width,
- How and where to store temporary the position of the windows

I've tried to modify an example with a docking toolbox I found in the
net. But I didn't figure out, how to resize a picturebox stored in the
MDI-parent at runtime (the workaround in the explorer-example doesn't

I know, many questions, but it would be fine to get some advises form
you VB-specialist out there.


Mon, 16 Apr 2001 03:00:00 GMT  
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