one SQL datacontrol or many TABLE datacontrols<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<< 
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 one SQL datacontrol or many TABLE datacontrols<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<

I have an Access 7.0 database with four tables using VB 5.0 as a front end.
The dB has two forms - one treeview/listview for quick browsing and a form
showing one record from each table.
The treeview/listview form is working nicely and my intention is to have the
second form for adding, deleting and updating all the tables.
It seems that for adding records having one control for each table is the
best way. However it becomes a pain linking the tables if the user wants to
navigate. I have to capture the change of record from a master data control
and update the rest of the controls accordingly so that the tables are all
Is the best way to have one SQL query in one control on the one form linking
all the
records? and if so how easy would it be to add records? Would I have to have
additional forms with a table datacontol on each form to add records??
Many Thanks for any answers.

Yours gratefully,

Sat, 20 May 2000 03:00:00 GMT  
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