Help with DAO AddNew / Edit And Update in VB 4 
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 Help with DAO AddNew / Edit And Update in VB 4

I am new to VB 4 and need and would appreciate any help anyone could give
me with the following problem in Visual Basic 4.

The following code fragment appears to work in VB 3.

        Assume I have opened the following DAOs :-

                MyDB : A Database Object
                MyDyna : A Dynaset opened from MyDB

        In my code :-

                MyDyna.Fields("Field1") = "Hello"

        Or :-

                MyDyna.Fields("Field1") = "Something"

        These appear to work OK.

        In VB 4 I try the following :-

        Assume MyRecordset is a recordset opened from MyDB

                With MyRecordset
                        .Fields("Field1") = "Hello"
                End With


                With MyRecordset
                        .Fields("Field1") = "Something"
                End With

        These will result in a run time error :-

                Argument not optional

        on the Update line.

        I have even tried this with the examples from the VB online help with the
same result. I have set references to the Microsoft DAO 3.0 Library. I have
also tried Microsoft DAO 2.5 Library as well as the 2.5/3.0 Compatibility
Library with no luck. I have run out of ideas and have not enough
back-ground in VB 4 to figure why. Any help in this would be appreciated.

Many thanks.

Thu, 24 Jun 1999 03:00:00 GMT  
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