ADO Recordset Cursor Types & Connections Question 
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 ADO Recordset Cursor Types & Connections Question

I am building an MDI app in VB that will run against a SQL Server database.
The user will be able to have potentially several forms open at any given
time each of which will be displaying a different result set from the
database.  I am using one global connection object in the project and
several recordsets (usually 1 per form).

I was initially opening my recordsets without specifying the cursor type
(default).  But when monitoring the database I noticed that this would
create multiple connections to the database (1 per recordset).

Now if I specify my cursors' types as adOpenDynamic I don't see this
behavior.  With all the record sets opened there is still only one
connection registering on the database (which is of course what I prefer).

What I don't understand is why specifying a dynamic cursor type would make
this difference over say a static cursor type?

Anyone know?

- Dan

Wed, 02 Oct 2002 03:00:00 GMT  
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