Bug/limitation with VB3.0 / Access 2.0 compatability layer 
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 Bug/limitation with VB3.0 / Access 2.0 compatability layer

  I'm doing some testing with the comp. layer program. My database was
created and populated as an Access 1.1 db. I converted it to 2.0 using
Access 2.0. I then installed the comp. layer program on my PC.
(Standalone). Now, when I run my program which uses "BeginTrans" and
"Committrans", it get the error msg: "Too many tables open". In between
the "BeginTrans" and "Committrans", I have a loop which reads a rec in
from a flat file, opens a snapshot to pull out some values and then close
the snapshot right away. This code worked fine before the layer install
but now it doesn't seem to be closing the table anymore. It processes 331
recs from the flat file before kicking out with the above error msg.
(meaning it also had open & closed the dynaset 331 times.)

When I run the exact program on a PC without the compat. layer installed,
it works fine.

Any ideas ??


Sat, 14 Feb 1998 03:00:00 GMT  
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