SQL-Optimizer/DBA Beta 4 Available! 
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 SQL-Optimizer/DBA Beta 4 Available!

The Performance Optimizer for SQL Databases
With Automatic SQL Correction (ORACLE only in this release)

BETA 4 Now Available
Download a free copy of SQL-Optimizer/DBA BETA 4 from the same location as
Or, access the download request page at:
(Select SQL-Optimizer BETA 4)

"SQL-Optimizer fills an important niche in the Oracle performance tuning
Richard Finkelstein, Performance Computing Inc.

Product Overview
SQL-Optimizer is a performance management toolset for ORACLE database
developers, administrators (DBAs), testers, end users and third-party
application providers who need to improve database performance.

Product details at: (Look for SQL-Optimizer)

Download a free BETA 4 copy from SFI at: (Select SQL-Optimizer BETA 4)

Poor performance is a major stumbling block to the successful deployment of
large data warehouses and production databases due to the expensive and
time-consuming tuning efforts required to achieve optimal performance.
Often, the only viable solution is to buy more computing power and live
with inefficient application software.

SQL-Optimizer eliminates the manual effort required to IDENTIFY AND CORRECT
poorly structured SQL while reducing the need to buy more hardware. This
means major cost savings, more productive developers and satisfied users.

Please email your questions or concerns to:

USA 617 722-9811
Canada 819 778-5045

Brent Lesaux,
SFI,a Sylvain Faust company
Oracle World Alliance Partner

Fri, 11 Feb 2000 03:00:00 GMT  
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