Introducing New Product 
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 Introducing New Product

Reliance Systems is delighted to introduce its new Project Cost
Management and Tracking software.  Some of the key features of this
products are,

Easy And Orderly Data Entry At Your Fingertip
Categorize The Time Spent As You Enter
View And Modify Your Data Before It Is Submitted For Reconciliation
Track Your Administrative/ Engineering/ Travel And Many More Expenses
For A Particular Client, Project,   Department
Access Information About The Resources Spent
Ability To Set Different Cost Structure For Each Project
Flexible Access Controls Let You Set Group Permissions
Get The Cost In Dollars Spent On Different Projects
Check Project Status At Any Time And See Up-To-The Minute Reports
Backup, Restore And Export Your Data From Database
Maintain Your Daily Calendar
Schedule Meetings With Your Team Members
Get The Request Status Of Your Scheduled Team Meeting
Maintain System Security
Maintain System Data Integrity
Categorize Your Employees at different security levels
Get Control Over Your Budget

.... and many more.

This product is greately appreciated for its easy to use, rich in
features and innovative user interface.

If you interested and need more detail information, please give us a

Sanjay Dhole
Reliance Systems, Inc.
250 S. Elizabeth Way
Suite 2007
Chandler, AZ 85225

Phone- (602) 855-5300
FAX  - (602) 786-4726

NOTE: If you want to receive information via email in WORD format,
please indicate so in your email.

Mon, 20 Sep 1999 03:00:00 GMT  
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