Need VB advice ! 
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 Need VB advice !

Dear VB Guru,

I have a question regarding VB and the Web. I am a
Webmaster who is upgrading his skills. I have looked
over the newspaper have noticed that many
Internet/Intranet related jobs mention VB experience
as one of the requirements. I am just trying to figure
out were VB fits in ? I realize VBScript is used for
client / server scripting. I realize that custom ActiveX
components can be built within VB 5.0. I also realize
that Intranets are the new cross platform client/server
interface to databases. So, what else is VB used for in
the Web world (besides internet software dev.)?
I mean NO disrespect to you as a VB person by asking
this kind of question, I am sincerely

Thank you for your help in advance !


Mike McMillan

Fri, 14 Jan 2000 03:00:00 GMT  
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