VB, SQL Server, RDO, ODBC and Timestamp column manipulation 
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 VB, SQL Server, RDO, ODBC and Timestamp column manipulation

It is necessary sometimes to update or delete a previously read row with a
SQL statement including a timestamp column in the WHERE clause.
Since the timestamp real datatype VARBINARY(8) is incompatible with VB, it
has to be converted somehow to pass the timestamp as a parameter and then
take benefit of the temporary stored proc created. This temporary stored
proc can be executed many times whithout the overhead for SQL Server to
process a new plan for it.

After reading all what has been said about timestamp, I have been able to
pass the timestamp as a RDO parameter with rdExecDirect. But then, I have
lost the benefit of the temporary stored proc since it is not created with
this option.
After a mad week trying to figure out how to do it, here is the solution,
since I think everyone having the same problem might be interested in:

The idea is to force SQL Server to do an implicit type conversion plus
using VB compatible data types (long integer). I try to make explicit
conversion on the right of the '=' sign, but with SQL Trace, I realised
that ODBC was always asking SQL Server what datatype the expression was on
the left. So the conversion has to be on the left!

(general) (declarations)
Private Type half_tmstp_type
    tmstpb1 As Byte
    tmstpb2 As Byte
    tmstpb3 As Byte
    tmstpb4 As Byte
End Type

Private Type tmstp_int_type
    tmstp_lg As Long
End Type

Private Sub Command1_Click()
    Dim ps As rdoPreparedStatement
    Dim tmstp_tmp As half_tmstp_type
    Dim tmstp_1 As tmstp_int_type
    Dim tmstp_2 As tmstp_int_type

    dbCn.Execute "BEGIN TRANSACTION", rdExecDirect

    'create a prepared statement to update a row with "manual" concurrency
    Set ps = dbCn.CreatePreparedStatement("", "Update COMPANY set
SUBSTRING(contrl_ind,1,4) = ? AND 0 | SUBSTRING(contrl_ind,5,4) = ?")

    ps.rdoParameters(0) = 19   'COMPANY_NO

    'transfer 1st half of timestamp, resulting in an integer datatype
    tmstp_tmp.tmstpb1 = MSRDC1.Resultset.rdoColumns(3)(3)
    tmstp_tmp.tmstpb2 = MSRDC1.Resultset.rdoColumns(3)(2)
    tmstp_tmp.tmstpb3 = MSRDC1.Resultset.rdoColumns(3)(1)
    tmstp_tmp.tmstpb4 = MSRDC1.Resultset.rdoColumns(3)(0)
    LSet tmstp_1 = tmstp_tmp 'like memcpy

    'transfer 2nd half of timestamp, resulting in an integer datatype
    tmstp_tmp.tmstpb1 = MSRDC1.Resultset.rdoColumns(3)(7)
    tmstp_tmp.tmstpb2 = MSRDC1.Resultset.rdoColumns(3)(6)
    tmstp_tmp.tmstpb3 = MSRDC1.Resultset.rdoColumns(3)(5)
    tmstp_tmp.tmstpb4 = MSRDC1.Resultset.rdoColumns(3)(4)
    LSet tmstp_2 = tmstp_tmp  'like memcpy

    ps.rdoParameters(1) = tmstp_1.tmstp_lg
    ps.rdoParameters(2) = tmstp_2.tmstp_lg

    dbCn.Execute "COMMIT TRANSACTION", rdExecDirect

End Sub


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