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 Help, VB6 Pro WinXP Pro Win98 2nd

Hi all,
    I wrote a program in VB 6.0 as a front end to access 2000. I wrote it on
an winXP Pro machine whithout service pac 5 installed on vb 6 pro
The program works fine.

Running in the vb enviorment or as an .exe
I put the same program on a win98 2nd ed. PC that also didnt have service
pac 5 installed,and on the same data entry
form as in win XP, when I enter a NEW City in a cbobox it goes back to the
ORIGINAL default city when I press enter and tab on to the next cbobox for
If the City doesn't exist in the cbobox list you're supposed to be able to
add a new City.
It works on the XP machine I can go onto the next cbobox State and the new
City entry stays
in the city cbobox. on the 98 pc when you go to the next cbobox "State" the
default City
comes back and wipes out my new city entry.

I double checked the code, its the same in both forms. I checked that the
form was being pulled up from the correct folder by looking at the .vbw file
it is.

I was told that a service pac might solve the problem or makeing a setup
disk would do the trick.
I downloaded service pac 5 and installed it on both machines. Same problem.
I next made a
setup disk on the xp machine and ported it to the 98 pc that didn't work

Next thing I did was take a spare hd and put it in the win98 pc and I
installed XPPro on the hd then I installed
vb6 pro and the service pack 5 I then installed my program with the setup
disk and it works .
I then loaded the code in the enviorment and it works too.
So my program only seems to work on an xp machine.

So I am stumped as to why I get different results from the win98 PC. Any
Ideas? TIA John

Thu, 23 Dec 2004 22:18:56 GMT  
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