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 Data Validation (Newbie)

Hi People

I come from a Progress background which doesn't rely on recordsets and SQL
(per se), but am now learning db programming in VB, and not doing too bad so

However I have a question.

I have a db combo box which uses table a for it's list population. It then
uses table b to store the record id from table a. Now, when I use a form to
update table a, I need to be able to extract all occurances of the record id
(of table a) in table b. I have other criterion which I am verifying, but I
need this first.

I understand I need to use SQL, and I figure something along these lines:

SELECT INTO some_variable_or_other [Course ID] FROM table_a WHERE [Course
Name] = 'text_box_value'

and then

SELECT * FROM table_b WHERE [Course ID] = some_variable_or_other

But not sure if this is the right way to structure the query.

Any and all help appreciated


Wed, 20 Feb 2002 03:00:00 GMT  
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