ODBC in 7.3B OR QueryGetData ? 
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 ODBC in 7.3B OR QueryGetData ?


My job is to make a VB-program that would get some Progress -tables from a
central database (in a company's Unix) into my PC. I am using MS-Excel 5.0 and
MS-Query with Progress 7.3B's ODBC-driver. ODBC's test program works just
fine, as well as if I manually get the tables. If I try to make a program,
that would do the very same I had just done manually, problems arise.
There shouldn't be any joins in the tables and the tables should be got

I have heard that Progress 7.3B does NOT support Remote Multi-user,
Remote Self-service OID in Unix (I think someone asked about the
problem in ODBC in 7.3B - there are no SQL-statements in network?), so I
have tried to use Remote Multi-user, Local OID to connect the ODBC Driver.

There are four possibilities what will happen:
        a) PC gets the first table (eg. Sales) and   starts to get
           the next one (eg. Transfer) but it never returns it.
           This normally happens after just booting the PC.
        b) PC works just like as in the previous, but doesn't
           return anything.
        c) PC's EMM386 prompts that there is error #06 in the
           memory address 000B?-????? (something like that)
           after that the PC will boot.
        d) PC gets stuck.....

I have transferred some of those tables in my PC's harddisk and when I get
those tables from my harddisk (local) everything works fine.

Does anybody know what might be the reason for this (in my code (below),
in PC's setup, in MS-programs  or in PROGRESS ODBC-Driver (~bugs) ????).
I think the connection parameters have to be right, because ODBC-driver test-
program is working fine and my SQL-statement works when I write it in MS-Query.

Remote DB:
    Application.Run "QueryGetData", _
    "DSN=KeMog;DESC=KemLog Server DB;BRKR=localoid;STRT=-db kemlog01 -N TCP -S kemlogdb -H hkiux9;", _
    "SELECT Sales.Location FROM Sales", _
    False, True, False, Range("Sheet1!$A$1"), True

    Application.Run "QueryGetData", _
    "DSN=KeMog;DESC=KemLog Server DB;BRKR=localoid;STRT=-db kemlog01 -N TCP -S kemlogdb -H hkiux9;", _
    "SELECT Transfer.Volume FROM Transfer", _
    False, True, False, Range("Sheet1!$G$1"), True

Local-DB (WORKS):
    Application.Run "QueryGetData", "DSN=KemLog;DBQ=c:\data;FIL=dBase3;", _
    "SELECT transfer.DESTINY FROM c:\data\transfer.dbf transfer", _
    False, True, False, Range("Sheet1!$A$1"), True

    Application.Run "QueryGetData", "DSN=KemLog;DBQ=c:\data;FIL=dBase3;", _
    "SELECT productn.LOCATION FROM c:\data\productn.dbf productn", _
    False, True, False, Range("Sheet1!$B$1"), True


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