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 Game development Suite

This sounds like an excecllent idea I wish I knew enough programming to help
out. But I did come across DARKBasic which is flimsy.

> I am developing a number of engines for game development including 2D and

3D graphics engines, using Visual Basic. I like people to contribute to the
development of these engines. These engines will be released as freeware.

> So if you like to join, let me know. I telling people now an agreement
> be required between myself and anyone who joins to keep the source code

private. No one will get paid, I will not release the engine commercially I
mean NEVER unlike some "open source projects". The source code should remain
private between those who work on the engine to keep it pure unlike open
source where you could end up with 50 versions all different of the same

> Not going to debate my opinions expressed. I do know open source abuse is
not wide spread.

> My aim is to give to the visual basic community, especially beginners, the
> means to write their own games. That would include myself and those who

work on it or write examples to the engine. I am not worried if commercial
games get developed or not with the game. I will NOT require any fees for
the engines use.

Tue, 31 Aug 2004 08:45:33 GMT  
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