ADO Linking Databases/Tables - VB6 & .mde 
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 ADO Linking Databases/Tables - VB6 & .mde

I need to write code that will automate the linking of an Access2000
database (.mdb) with tables in an Access  .mde  file.

I have done similar before in VB with DAO using Access97 between two
mdb files but this code doesn't work with Access2000/ADO.

I can link the .mdb file with the  .mde  file manually (i.e. within the
Access environment) but for the sake of end-users need to be able to
automate this from a VB6 program.

I am not even sure that this can be done but would appreciate any

Thanks,   Doug.

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Fri, 13 May 2005 14:58:42 GMT  
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