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 Multi-Level Procedure/Coding


Is any one out there has done a programming or databases design based
on multi-level types of membership program ? I haven't have any clue
on how to check the multi-level tree.

I' creating a membership database program (ms-access )that based on
What happen is a potential member is being introduce by an existing
member, and this continue until the fourth level of introduction.
e.g A introduce B0, B0 introduce C0, C0 introduce D0, A introduce B1,
B1 introduce C1, C1 introduce D1, An introduce Bn, ...and so on
until n equal to 7, how do I check who has been introduce by A, and
A downliner ?, meaning if A introduce B0 and B0 introduce C0, C0 aslo
will be A downliner, and if B0 introduce AA1, AA1 will also be A
downliner. Will this will take quite a long time to process is the
database is big ? How to make this more efficient ?

It will really really be helpful if someone could give me the alogrithm
or the procedure/subroutine on the above problem. If you have a sample
code either in vb or ms-access vba/macro, will be much much more better
coz I new
to ms-access and vb.

I appricate all the help I can get.



p/s, if possible mail me, coz
it quite difficult for me to get
access to news group.

Mon, 13 Dec 1999 03:00:00 GMT  
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