Nt or Win 2000 service 
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 Nt or Win 2000 service

     excuse me for my language, but I don't know english very well.
I'm an italian vb developer. I need to install my software as Nt (or win
2000) service. I' have found in internet an active x object (ntsvocx.dll)
which permits that but I need to permit my service program interact with
desktop and I haven't found that function in the active x. With the ntsvocx
I have installed correctly my program as Nt service but I haven't find a
method to permit interact with desktop.
Can you help me?
There is an api code or a control to resolve completely my problem?
Thx for your inerest.

Alberto De Biasi

Sun, 18 Jan 2004 16:22:41 GMT  
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