Help me save my hair... SQL Problem 
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 Help me save my hair... SQL Problem


I have been trying to write a front end for an SQL Server (Ver. 6)
database using Visual Basic 4 Enterprise edition.  I first create a
Result Set with a Dynamic Cursor (I have also tried a Keyset Cursor).
I am able to scroll through the rows of the Result Set but when I
attempt to up date the rows I get an error stating that the cursor is
read only.  The attributes property for all columns is 33 or greater,
the value of the resultsetype property is 3, and I have full
permissions on the database table.  The code that I am using to update
the table is as follows:

myRs(:dorasite") = Text1.text

The error occurs on the myRS.Update command.
The ResuyltSet is created with the command:

Set myRs = MyPs.OpenResultSet(rdOpenDynamic, rdConcurValues)

The SQL statement being passed is:

"select * from test"

Everything that I can find indicates that this should work.  Any

Thanks in advance,

Tue, 27 Oct 1998 03:00:00 GMT  
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