Insert Data Into Access Database From SQL Server ADO Insert 
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 Insert Data Into Access Database From SQL Server ADO Insert

I've been scouring the news groups and microsoft's site trying to find
a way to insert data from an sql server database into an access
database using ado and a single execute statement.

Is this possible.  I know that I can manually perform transfers
between the two using connection objects and looping through
recordsets, but would like to avoid this.

I've seen some mention of the "Insert into tablename in <database
path> from localtablename", but am unsure as to whether this
functionality is exposed by ado, probably just a dao or jet thing
right.  Can anyone tell me for sure?

Is there any way to bulk copy table data from sql server to access
using ado and vb?


Wed, 30 Jun 2004 09:28:01 GMT  
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