Error 3043 When Attempting to Write To An Access File 
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 Error 3043 When Attempting to Write To An Access File

I am writing a VB program to access a Microsoft
Access database located on a Novell Server.  On the
system I developed the program on, I can access the
database OK.  When I install the program on another
system, I can read the database but when I try to
save changes I get an error 3043, "Disk or Network
Error" (this happens both if I log on to another
system or if another user attempts to access the
database).  I am using VB 4.0 Professional on
Windows NT.  The database was created with
Microsoft Access 7.0.

I have checked the TEMP and TMP environment
variables and they are both set to a valid

Please E-mail me directly with suggestion.


Robby Bush

Sun, 31 Jan 1999 03:00:00 GMT  
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