Oracle7 - ODBC Driver (Small FAQ) 
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 Oracle7 - ODBC Driver (Small FAQ)

I found this on CI$ the other day. I hope this helps to answer some of
the more basic questions concerning ODBC/Oracle7 connectivity.


Document ID:          9370151.61
Title:               WIN: Answers to Common Oracle7 ODBC Driver Questions

Last Revision Date:   05 Oct 1995

Expiration Date:      20 Oct 1996

Product:              Oracle7 ODBC driver

Information Type:     ADVISORY

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Abstract:       This bulletin answers the most common questions about
                Oracle7 ODBC driver.  It also describes the way to
                configure your data source and test your ODBC driver


            Answers to Common Oracle7 ODBC Driver Questions

The ODBC ( Open Database Connectivity ) interface allows applications to

access data in DBMS ( Database management systems using SQL(structured
language).  Oracle ODBC driver is a DLL that implements ODBC function
and interacts with a data source.  In this bulletin, an attempt is made
answer the most common questions.

Q1,  Where do I get the latest ODBC driver from ?

A.  There are two places where one can get the Oracle ODBC driver.
    i)  By reaching your Oracle sales representative
    ii) On CompuServe, access the Oracle User Group Forum (GO ORACLE)

        Select LIBRARY from the menubar          
        Search the MIDDLEWARE & ODBC Library
        Type 'odbc' ( without quotes) in the Keyword Box.
        In the list of items retrived you will see
        Oracle7 ODBC driver.

    Oracle ODBC driver is also bundled with Personal Oracle7 for
    and Oracle7 Server for NT.

Q2.  How do I install the Oracle ODBC driver ?

A.   Run the SETUP.EXE program to install the Oracle ODBC driver on your

     system.  If the ODBC driver is bundled with other Oracle products,
     use the Oracle Installer(ORAINST.EXE)

Q3.  I have two ODBC drivers and
     Which driver should I install ?

A.   The version of the ODBC driver you will install is dependent on the

     Required Support files you have on your system.
     To find the required support files on your system, run the Oracle
     installer (\ORAWIN\BIN\ORAINST.EXE)  
     This will give you the list of products installed on your system
     Search for Required Support files and make note of the version.

     If you are running Required Support files 7.0.X, you need to
     If you are running Required Support files 7.1.X, you need to

Q4.  How do I configure my datasource ?

A.  Double click on the Control Panel icon.
    Choose the ODBC icon in the Control Panel.
    If you don't see an ODBC icon, bring up the File Manager
    You should see ODBCADM.EXE typically in \WINDOWS\SYSTEM directory.

    You should now see a Dialog Box.  Click on the button ADD.
    Choose the ODBC driver you want the datasource to be associated with
    and click on the OK button.
    Assign a name to the datasource.
    Description is optional
    SQL*Net connect string identifies the database you want to connect
    The connect string is dependent on the version of SQL*Net

    SQL*Net V1 TCP/IP                 - t:<servername>:<SID>
               SPX                    - x:<servername>:<SID>
               Named Pipes            - p:<servername>:<SID>

    SQL*Net V2                        - <alias>

    Personal Oracle7 For MS-Windows   - 2:  

Q5. How do I find the version of ODBC driver and the DLL, I am using ?

A.  Click on the ODBC icon in the Control Panel
    Click on the DRIVERS button
    Choose the driver you are using  
    and click on the ABOUT button

Q6. How do I know, if I have configured my driver correctly ?

A.  We supply a program ODBCTST.EXE.  You should find this in your
    \WINDOWS\SYSTEM directory
    Execute ODBCTST and connect to your database by clicking on the
    Try to execute a SQL statement
    To execute , type out your statement and click on the EXECUTE

Q7. How do I generate the ODBC call trace file

A.  Double click on the ODBC icon in control panel
    Choose your data source and click on the OPTIONS button.
    Check Trace ODBC Call. You could specify the name of the file by
    on SELECT FILE  
    Click on the OK button.

Q8. What other products do I need to make ODBC driver work ?

A.  You definitely need SQL*Net for Windows.  Make sure that SQL*Net for

    Windows is installed and configured  correctly before you try to
    through ODBC.
    If you are connecting to Personal Oracle7 for MS-Windows, you do not
    the SQL*Net for Windows.  Personal Oracle comes with SQL2TT.dll (
Two task
    Driver) which is used to connect to Personal Oracle7 standalone

Q9. Is there any on-line help for ODBC ?

A.  Yes, we do provide on-line help. You should find drvora71.hlp or
    drvora7.hlp in your \WINDOWS\SYSTEM directory.  Unfortunately the
    program does not create an icon for it.

Q10. How does the Oracle ODBC driver communicate to the Oracle Database

A.   The application/driver architecture is:

                                 ODBC driver manager
                                    Oracle7 Driver
                                       OCI layer
                                     SQL*Net Driver
                                     Network Software
                     ( PCTCP, Novell Netware, Microsoft LAN Manager,
                                   SQL*Net Listener
                                     Oracle7 RDBMS

Q11. If I am unable to connect, what do I need to check ?

A.   Though the resolution to a connect problem depends on the type of
     connect error, here are few things to check

     i)  Make sure \ORAWIN\BIN is in your search path
     ii) Make sure you can connect from an Oracle tool such as SQL*Plus.
         you cannot connect from an Oracle tool, you will not be able to

         connect through the Oracle ODBC driver.
     iii)Make sure you have created your datasource and double check the

         connect string.
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