Problems with ODBC-drivers for ORACLE 
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 Problems with ODBC-drivers for ORACLE


I'm wondering if someone can tell me which (if there is one?) driver I should use
to get RDO to work on a Oracle database? Or maybe the driver isn't my problem?
Anyway, I'm stuck with this right now and would really appreciate help concerning
what could be the the problem.

The application is developed in win95 with VB40. I'm trying to use the appl. with
a PersonalOracle database (ver. 7.2). I'm using the 32-bit ODBC-driver from
Intersolv (ver. 2.12).

Here's what happens:

The application is developed using RDO. The appl. is working fine with a ODBC-driver
for SQLServer 6.0.

I configured the datasource to use Intersolv's ODBC-driver for Oracle instead of the
one for SQLServer. When I run the appl. I get the following errormessage:

  Run-time error '40002'

  S1C00:[INTERSOLV][ODBC Oracle driver]"Driver not capable"

This is the codelines concerning RDO that was executed:

        Dim Parameters as Collection

        sSQL = "Select PermID from Users where UserName = ? and PassWd = ?"

        Parameters.Add sUserName    'Input parameter
        Parameters.Add sPassword    'Input parameter

        rdoEngine.rdoDefaultCursorDriver = rdUseOdbc

        Set m_rdoEnv = rdoEngine.rdoCrea{*filter*}vironment("", "sa", "sa")

        Set m_rdoConn = m_rdoEnv.OpenConnection("PhoenixTest", rdDriverNoPrompt, False)

        Set rdoPrepStatement = m_rdoConn.CreatePreparedStatement(Name:=sSQL, SQLSTRING:=sSQL)

        If Not IsMissing(Parameters) Then
                For lIndex = 0 To Parameters.Count - 1
-->                  rdoPrepStatement.rdoParameters(lIndex).Value = Parameters(lIndex + 1)
        End If

Trying to set the parametervalues (se the --> above) causes the error. Everything else
go well (creating the env, connecting to the oracle database and creating the prep.
statement). Is this the driver not supporting the function, or...?

If I left something important out just let me know and I try to explain myself further.

Any help is appreciated.



Sat, 15 May 1999 03:00:00 GMT  
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