ODBC Error: Oracle7.2, ODBC, VB4.0, DAO, Jet 3.0 
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 ODBC Error: Oracle7.2, ODBC, VB4.0, DAO, Jet 3.0

Has anyone else experienced the problem of records not being available
immediately after insertion via Jet/ODBC?

This manifests itself in both Microsoft Access (by the display of
"#Deleted" in datasheet cells) and in DAO/Jet in VB.

In Use:
Oracle 7.2, ODBC drivers from Oracle and OpenLink have been used with
the same results, Windows 95, VB 4.0a Pro and Jet 3.0.

Another note, even though the records aren't available in Access or
VB/Jet/DAO, a direct query via SQL*Plus yields the proper results.

Two other intriguing things:

1) After inserting multiple rows into an empty table, Access will
display a grid where all rows contain "#Deleted."  Then, after
deleting the rows in SQL*Plus and verifying that they have indeed been
removed, bringing the table up in Access still yields 7 rows of
"#Deleted."  Here's the kicker, running Access on a machine that has
never even run Access before, attaching to the Oracle table in
question and opening its datasheet yields:  you guessed it: 7 Rows of

Could it be that Access/Jet isn't doing its commit right?  If not, why
does it show in a direct SQL query in SQL*Plus?

2) One table has rows inserted via a stored procedure and the commit
is verified.  Running Access and opening the table will yield NONE of
the rows just inserted.  SQL*Plus verifies their existence.  After
approx. a 30minute delay, these rows are magically available to

What the hell is happening here?!?!?!!  Is there some Server-Side ODBC
timer that must be set?  Are the ODBC processes that are running,
running afoul?

I am running out of options here...

Jimmy Mayes

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Tue, 03 Nov 1998 03:00:00 GMT  
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