SQL Debugger: SFI Announces New Debugger Capability To be Included in SQL-Programmer 2.5 This Summer 
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 SQL Debugger: SFI Announces New Debugger Capability To be Included in SQL-Programmer 2.5 This Summer

SFI Announces New De{*filter*} Capability To be Included in SQL-Programmer 2.5
This Summer

Version 2.1 Upgrade of SQL-Programmer With Enhanced Color Syntax Editor
Scheduled to be Available Within 30 Days

HULL, QUEBEC - May 30, 1997 - Sylvain Faust Inc. (SFI) is continuing to
respond to the needs of developers and programmers using the Sybase SQL
Server, Microsoft SQL Server and Oracle Server RDBMSs by today announcing
its SQL-Programmer development tool for back-end programming will include a
new SQL de{*filter*}. This new capability will allow users to produce enhanced
cross-referenced reports, fast data editing, and utilize real syntax
highlighting. The SQL de{*filter*} will be available with SQL-Programmer 2.5,
slated to be released in the Third Quarter this year.

"SFI is committed to anticipating its customers' needs and responding by
delivering state-of-the-art products," said Sylvain Faust, president of
SFI. "The new SQL de{*filter*} is a prime example of this principle in action.
With this new feature, users will be provided a more robust programming
experience with SQL-Programmer. The inclusion of the SQL de{*filter*} in
SQL-Programmer 2.5 follows in the same vein as all SFI product enhancements
- they are designed to increase developer productivity."

SFI also announced today version 2.1 of SQL-Programmer. This upgrade
includes a new, comprehensive editor with color-syntax highlighting
capabilities. "We are e{*filter*}d with the introduction of this new powerful
editor which will also in the future support SFI's Technology for
Optimizing SQL Statements", stated John Kunar, vice-president Product
Development. The new version also includes performance enhancements that
make it faster than ever, providing users increased performance during
overall execution. SQL-Programmer 2.1 is scheduled to be available within
30 days as a free upgrade to all licensed users of SQL-Programmer 2.0.

SQL-Programmer is a complete and powerful development environment for
programmers using Sybase SQL Server, Microsoft SQL Server and Oracle Server
and provides a single-source interface to these leading RDBMSs in use in
many organizations today. It offers features and functionality that enable
RDBMS developers to reach new levels of productivity.

Availability and Pricing
SQL-Programmer 2.5, with the new SQL de{*filter*}, is scheduled to be available
by the Third Quarter. SQL-Programmer 2.1 is slated to ship by the end of
June and is available to licensed users of SQL-Programmer 2.0 at no charge.
First time buyers, under a special sales promotion, may purchase a single
user version of SQL-Programmer 2.1 for $ 399.00 until September 30th, 1997.
Multiple-user licenses are also available.

For more information, queries can be addressed by phone, (819) 778-5045,

Visit the SFI Web site at http://www.*-*-*.com/ ,
including an on-line product demonstration and free evaluation copy of

Founded in 1988, Sylvain Faust Inc. is an international software
development firm providing client/server solutions based on Microsoft SQL
Server, Sybase SQL Server and Oracle Server. SFI is a Microsoft Solutions
Provider and a member of the Oracle Worldwide Business Alliance Programme,
the Sybase Open Solutions Program and the Informix Solutions Alliance. In
addition to SQL-Programmer, SFI develops and markets and the SQL-Sombrero?
family of programming utilities for Visual Basic programmers.

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SQL-Programmer is a registered trademark and SQL-Sombrero and CompressIT
are trademarks of Sylvain Faust Inc.
All other product and company names mentioned herein are the trademarks of
their respective owners.


this web site.
Copyright(c) 1997 SFI, a Sylvain Faust company.

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