General Direction with VB5 
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 General Direction with VB5

I am new to VB and would like someone to give me general direction, so I do
not lose a lot of time, I have a {*filter*} boss.

I have a simple Access database ready to use with just 2 tables. I will
only be adding records and accessing existing records and their fields in
these tables, nothing else.

I would like my forms used for input, which I have created in VB5, to be
able to add records and change the data in the existing records.

I would like to input text in a text boxes and have the information updated
in the Access DB when I exit the screen.

I have added the MS DAO Object Library 3.5 and learned how to OpenDataBase
and OpenRecordSet.

... My Problems

1. I am not sure where or how I can find the commands or examples so that I
can use to manipulate the data in the tables (add Records and change Data
in fields)

2. I have many forms with a few text boxes on each form, should I write a
procedure to be called by each text box when the data is manipulated and
then the form loses focus, or should I deal with each form seperately using
Global variables.

3. Am I even on the right path?

Thanks for any ideas or suggestions!

Sat, 03 Feb 2001 03:00:00 GMT  
 General Direction with VB5
Well, the good news is that you are partially on the right path. As it is an
Access database you are using, I would suggest using the MS data controls
and bound fields as a quick solution (as time doesn't seem to be on your
side) Forget trying to read text boxes, and updating records, this could be
quite laborious.

The quickest (and nastiest!) way to achieve what you are trying to do is to
run the VB wizards, these will create the forms with the basic functionality
of what you are trying to do. I would strongly recommend going back into the
code after running the wizards, and finding out what its done, and making
any changes you see necessary.

In VB, click 'Add-Ins, Add-In Manager', and ensure that 'VB Data Form
Wizard' is selected.

Next, Click 'Add-Ins, Data Form Wizard', and follow the prompts!

Hope this helps,

John. (Under construction)

Sat, 03 Feb 2001 03:00:00 GMT  
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