SQL select different results on different forms 
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 SQL select different results on different forms

I am getting differect record counts from the same select statement on
different forms.

Form1 has a 'Select * from BoardAndPrivileges where Account = 1100'.
The resulting recordset returns multiple records.

Form2 (which runs as a dialog) has the same 'Select * from
BoardAndPrivileges where account = 1100'.  This recordset only returns
one record.  The select statements are hardcoded and copy/pasted from
form1 to form2.  

I cannot see why I get multiple records on the form1 select and ONLY 1
record on the form2 select.  I have played with this and am not making
any progress.

Any Ideas?

Patrick Goupell


Mon, 28 Apr 2003 03:00:00 GMT  
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