Upsizing SQL 6.5 to SQL 7.0 
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 Upsizing SQL 6.5 to SQL 7.0

Greetings all,
  First off, sorry if you've read this message before on any different news
groups, but I did post to a handful of them to get a variety of ideas.
  Next week, I'm to begin working on the upsizing of a SQL Server 6.5 to SQL
Server 7.0 for one of our clients to be easier and more compatable with the
software we are re-writing for them.
  I'd like to hear from anyone who has upsized a database from 6.5 to 7.0
and what steps it took, documentation you used, and any problems you might
have had.
  Any other pertinent information would be much appreciated, as well.  The
plan would most likely be to upsize Friday evening, right after their full
weekly backup.  With the weekend, hopefully there would be no time problems.
  I thank you all for your time, help and advice in this matter.

 Jeremy Austin
 Software Engineer
 Design & Implimentation
 Incite Software, Inc.


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Sun, 20 Apr 2003 05:16:34 GMT  
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