VB6 Data Enviroments to Data Reports w/ SP's 
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 VB6 Data Enviroments to Data Reports w/ SP's

I have 3 tables... Customers, Product, ProductHistory. Using ADO Datagrid I
select a Customer and execute a DataEnviroment to populate a Customer Report
listing current products owned... Command1 = Stored Procedure "Select * from
Customers where
CustomerID = "Variable"
The Child Command uses "Table" relation to Parent by CustomerID.
SPCustomer =
Dim D As New DataEnvironment1
D.Command1 (SPCustomer)

Easy! Now I want to do the same thing except populate a report of products
owned by a customer on a certain date. It would seem like the same procedure

Using 2 Stored Procedures I cant pass variables to the Child Command

So I wrote the SP like this...

Update Customers

Select * From Customers


Then related the Product History "Table" not the  "SP" to Date & CustomerID.
This Returns Data if I leave the Child command Off but when I add the child
command No Data is returned. I think this is because of the date conversions
from VB to ADO to SQL.
(VB As Date, ADO As DBTimeStamp, SQL As varchar) This is the only way I was
able to get the parameter to the SQL Query, even in a simple scenario.

Whats up w/ using the Data Environments w/ Data Reports they are very
specific where you put the results.
Soory for all the Data but,  AnyOne?? AnyOne??

Mon, 22 Oct 2001 03:00:00 GMT  
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