Help: index search with integer key fields 
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 Help: index search with integer key fields


I am using VB4 16 bit to connect a Btrieve table now.  The problem is
I need to search the table with 2 integer key fields.  How do I write the
the "seek" code?

For example:
The Btrieve table include field "Customer Number" and "Invoice Number"
                                 ^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^       ^^^^^^^^^^^^^^
                                 Integer type          Integer Type
index key is "Customer number" + "Invoice Number"

In VB program:

Set Db = OpenDatabase....
Set T = Db.OpenTable.... "=", ????
            How do I put two Integers field in one variable?

I call the VB technical support and they suggest me to attach the table to
an Access database, but I need to modify the table in multi-user mode.  

Any kind of suggestion or idea is appreciated!

Steven Chi(please email to me)

Tue, 16 Mar 1999 03:00:00 GMT  
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