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  > Hello
  > (I'm Spanish; excuse me my poor English; I hope that my message be
  > understood). (I have tried make a good explication of the problem;
  > excuse me it size).
  > -
  > I have a big problem with saving and reading data (string) between a
  > program in Visual Basic 6 and a Oracle database.
  > I use ADO to access the database.
  > -
  > The problem is that :
  > - If I make SQL sentences (UPDATE and SELECT) to save and read data
  >   (strings) in several fields of a table I don't read the same
  >   information that I saved.
  > For example, I saved a character chr(190) and I rode (readed?) later a
  > chr(191). (There are conversions/translations of Ascii numbers).
  > - I have seen an application in C language under UNIX accesing to the
  >   same database and it hasn't the problem because it can read the same
  >   data (Ascii) that it saved. (If it save an Ascii number of 190 it read
  >   an Ascii number of 190; it don't change the information).
  > - I need to read the same Ascii number that I save.
  > - I have been searching information of Ascii/ANSI/UNICODE but I wasn't
  >   able to make any solution.
  > - The Oracle database have the NLS_LANG variable with a value of 8
  >   bit. (And I have verified that it can save string with Ascii between
  >   0 and 255).
  > - The Oracle ODBC that I use is "MERANT 3.50 32 bits".
  > - I have tried to change the properties of the ODBC. In the translator
  >   option I have tried with the three options (<Without translation>, OEM
  >   to ANSI ...), but
  > nothing; too, I have tried with the ODBC of Windows.
  > -
  > - What are the reasons of those conversions? How can I make for
  >   telling to the Oracle ODBC not make translations (if it is the
  >   origin of the problem)?
  > - Can I solution the problem with other SQL sentences for telling to
  >   Oracle it catch the same Ascii code that I send to it?
  > In the end of this message I have write the proofs I done with
  > updating and reading the database. (Maybe it can help to see what is
  > the problem).
  > - The first column show the ascii character I save in the database.
  > - The second column show the character I read (SELECT) of the database
  >   after the UPDATE statement.
  > - The line with an asterisc (*) indicates that the character I have
  >   ridden isn't the character I wrote.
  > Thanks for the help.
  > chr(1) chr(1) chr(2) chr(2) chr(3) chr(3) chr(4) chr(4) chr(5) chr(5)
  > chr(6) chr(6) chr(7) chr(7) chr(8) chr(8) chr(9) chr(9) chr(10) chr(10)
  > chr(11) chr(11) chr(12) chr(12) chr(13) chr(13) chr(14) chr(14) chr(15)
  > chr(15) chr(16) chr(16) chr(17) chr(17) chr(18) chr(18) chr(19) chr(19)
  > chr(20) chr(20) chr(21) chr(21) chr(22) chr(22) chr(23) chr(23) chr(24)
  > chr(24) chr(25) chr(25) chr(26) chr(26) chr(27) chr(27) chr(28) chr(28)
  > chr(29) chr(29) chr(30) chr(30) chr(31) chr(31) chr(32) chr(32) chr(33)
  > chr(33) chr(34) chr(34) chr(35) chr(35) chr(36) chr(36) chr(37) chr(37)
  > chr(38) chr(38) chr(39) chr(39) chr(40) chr(40) chr(41) chr(41) chr(42)
  > chr(42) chr(43) chr(43) chr(44) chr(44) chr(45) chr(45) chr(46) chr(46)
  > chr(47) chr(47) chr(48) chr(48) chr(49) chr(49) chr(50) chr(50) chr(51)
  > chr(51) chr(52) chr(52) chr(53) chr(53) chr(54) chr(54) chr(55) chr(55)
  > chr(56) chr(56) chr(57) chr(57) chr(58) chr(58) chr(59) chr(59) chr(60)
  > chr(60) chr(61) chr(61) chr(62) chr(62) chr(63) chr(63) chr(64) chr(64)
  > chr(65) chr(65) chr(66) chr(66) chr(67) chr(67) chr(68) chr(68) chr(69)
  > chr(69) chr(70) chr(70) chr(71) chr(71) chr(72) chr(72) chr(73) chr(73)
  > chr(74) chr(74) chr(75) chr(75) chr(76) chr(76) chr(77) chr(77) chr(78)
  > chr(78) chr(79) chr(79) chr(80) chr(80) chr(81) chr(81) chr(82) chr(82)
  > chr(83) chr(83) chr(84) chr(84) chr(85) chr(85) chr(86) chr(86) chr(87)
  > chr(87) chr(88) chr(88) chr(89) chr(89) chr(90) chr(90) chr(91) chr(91)
  > chr(92) chr(92) chr(93) chr(93) chr(94) chr(94) chr(95) chr(95) chr(96)
  > chr(96) chr(97) chr(97) chr(98) chr(98) chr(99) chr(99) chr(100)
  > chr(100) chr(101) chr(101) chr(102) chr(102) chr(103) chr(103) chr(104)
  > chr(104) chr(105) chr(105) chr(106) chr(106) chr(107) chr(107) chr(108)
  > chr(108) chr(109) chr(109) chr(110) chr(110) chr(111) chr(111) chr(112)
  > chr(112) chr(113) chr(113) chr(114) chr(114) chr(115) chr(115) chr(116)
  > chr(116) chr(117) chr(117) chr(118) chr(118) chr(119) chr(119) chr(120)
  > chr(120) chr(121) chr(121) chr(122) chr(122) chr(123) chr(123) chr(124)
  > chr(124) chr(125) chr(125) chr(126) chr(126) chr(127) chr(127) chr(128)
  > chr(191) * chr(129) chr(191) * chr(130) chr(191) * chr(131) chr(191) *
  > chr(132) chr(191) * chr(133) chr(191) * chr(134) chr(191) * chr(135)
  > chr(191) * chr(136) chr(191) * chr(137) chr(191) * chr(138) chr(191) *
  > chr(139) chr(191) * chr(140) chr(191) * chr(141) chr(191) * chr(142)
  > chr(191) * chr(143) chr(191) * chr(144) chr(191) * chr(145) chr(191) *
  > chr(146) chr(191) * chr(147) chr(191) * chr(148) chr(191) * chr(149)
  > chr(191) * chr(150) chr(191) * chr(151) chr(191) * chr(152) chr(191) *
  > chr(153) chr(191) * chr(154) chr(191) * chr(155) chr(191) * chr(156)
  > chr(191) * chr(157) chr(191) * chr(158) chr(191) * chr(159) chr(191) *
  > chr(160) chr(32) * chr(161) chr(161) chr(162) chr(162) chr(163) chr(163)
  > chr(164) chr(164) chr(165) chr(165) chr(166) chr(124) * chr(167)
  > chr(167) chr(168) chr(191) * chr(169) chr(169) chr(170) chr(170)
  > chr(171) chr(171) chr(172) chr(191) * chr(173) chr(45) * chr(174)
  > chr(191) * chr(175) chr(45) * chr(176) chr(176) chr(177) chr(177)
  > chr(178) chr(178) chr(179) chr(179) chr(180) chr(180) chr(181) chr(181)
  > chr(182) chr(182) chr(183) chr(183) chr(184) chr(191) * chr(185)
  > chr(185) chr(186) chr(186) chr(187) chr(187) chr(188) chr(188) chr(189)
  > chr(189) chr(190) chr(191) * chr(191) chr(191) chr(192) chr(192)
  > chr(193) chr(193) chr(194) chr(194) chr(195) chr(195) chr(196) chr(196)
  > chr(197) chr(197) chr(198) chr(198) chr(199) chr(199) chr(200) chr(200)
  > chr(201) chr(201) chr(202) chr(202) chr(203) chr(203) chr(204) chr(204)
  > chr(205) chr(205) chr(206) chr(206) chr(207) chr(207) chr(208) chr(191)
  > * chr(209) chr(209) chr(210) chr(210) chr(211) chr(211) chr(212)
  > chr(212) chr(213) chr(213) chr(214) chr(214) chr(215) chr(191) *
  > chr(216) chr(216) chr(217) chr(217) chr(218) chr(218) chr(219) chr(219)
  > chr(220) chr(220) chr(221) chr(89) * chr(222) chr(191) * chr(223)
  > chr(223) chr(224) chr(224) chr(225) chr(225) chr(226) chr(226) chr(227)
  > chr(227) chr(228) chr(228) chr(229) chr(229) chr(230) chr(230) chr(231)
  > chr(231) chr(232) chr(232) chr(233) chr(233) chr(234) chr(234) chr(235)
  > chr(235) chr(236) chr(236) chr(237) chr(237) chr(238) chr(238) chr(239)
  > chr(239) chr(240) chr(191) * chr(241) chr(241) chr(242) chr(242)
  > chr(243) chr(243) chr(244) chr(244) chr(245) chr(245) chr(246) chr(246)
  > chr(247) chr(191) * chr(248) chr(248) chr(249) chr(249) chr(250)
  > chr(250) chr(251) chr(251) chr(252) chr(252) chr(253) chr(121) *
  > chr(254) chr(191) * chr(255) chr(255)


We are using polish and we have exactly the same problem with our
characters {chr(i) when i > 127}. After an insert : i = 191 via ODBC
driver but is OK with SQLPLUS.

Because you post your question quite a long time ago, we hope you found
a solution. Then, we'll appreciate if you can share it.

Your sincerelly


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