Opening Oracle 7.3 database via ODBC in VB4 
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 Opening Oracle 7.3 database via ODBC in VB4

When trying to open a Oracle 7.3 database via ODBC, while being in the VB4
16-bits development environnement (running under Windows 95 r2), using the
OpenDatabase command, we trapped the following error messages:

5 erreurs :
- 0:[Microsoft][ODBC DLL] Driver's SQLSetConnectOption failed
- 0:[Oracle][ODBC Oracle Driver]Driver not capable.
- 12154:[Oracle][ODBC Oracle Driver][Oracle OCI]Error while trying to
retrieve text for error ORA-12154.
- 0:[Oracle][ODBC Oracle Driver]Invalid Connection string Attribute.
- 3146:ODBC--call failed.

But when we compile the code, accessing the same database works fine. We've
observed that if we take the code to open the Oracle database into a new VB
project, while being in the development environnement, accessing the Oracle
database doesn't seem to be a problem.

What is happening ?? Is there a limit of controls (VBX/OCX) that VB4 can
handle ? Is there a conflict between the controls loaded and the ORACLE
ODBC 16-bit driver ??

Any help is welcome.

Robbert de GROOT / Farid GOUGAM

Tue, 18 Jul 2000 03:00:00 GMT  
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