Announce: Internet Email direct from Oracle Server. 
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 Announce: Internet Email direct from Oracle Server.

                             Internet E-Mail Enable Oracle

Dear Internet Friends,

What about a powerful new software allowing Oracle to send
and receive Electronic Mail on the Internet.

Bubble for Oracle is the package you need !


You will be able to:

~ Send Internet email by inserting a new row in the
Message table automatically created on your server.

~ Receive Internet email to be automatically stored in your Oracle

Bubble supports RFC standards including MIME
so you can attach any binary file to an outgoing
message as well as receiving them.

With Bubble you can automatically send email from your
database to the Internet by simple Inserts.
Internet Mail can be created through triggers and
stored procedures.

Bubble keeps an audit trail of all e-mail transactions
through the Log table, therefore you can easily create
reports with any report generator.

If you have multiple E-Mail addresses in your company,
Bubble will automatically fetch the mail for every
account and store it in the database. From there
you can email enabled your existing Client/Server
application for Internet email access even if you
do not use TCP/IP.

And Bubble installs in a snap.


1) Any Oracle Server version 6 and higher.

2) A PC running Microsoft Windows with SQL*Net access to the Oracle
Database Server.

3) An Internet connection from the PC.

To get more information on how to download a demonstration please

Oracle is a registered trademark from Oracle Corporation.

DataWave Corporation
5757 Blue Lagoon Drive
Miami Fl. 33126

Sun, 22 Feb 1998 03:00:00 GMT  
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