ADO Recordsets and DataCombos 
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 ADO Recordsets and DataCombos

Hi Guys,
I have two frustrating problems.
Firstly, in DAO I could read a value into a variable by simply saying
Var_ID = Data1.Recordset.Client_ID ,  How do I do this with ADO, assuming
that I have now replaced the Data1 control with an Adodc1 control..
Secondly I have a DataCombo box displaying Client Names being populated from
a SQL query "Select Client_ID, Client_Name from Clients",
When this DataCombo closes, I want to populate a DataGrid with the Invoice
Numbers of the particular client chosen in the DataCombo. I would like to
say "Select Invoices from Invoice where Client_ID = the client_id of the
selected Client from the DataCombo selection.
What do I type after the = sign ??????
Thanx Arthur

Sun, 09 Jun 2002 03:00:00 GMT  
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