Error 3050 - Couldn't Lock File 
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 Error 3050 - Couldn't Lock File

good day friends,

Our help desk application (helpSTAR) is written in vb4.0 using the Jet
Engine v2.5.  In the latest version we have split the main program and the
reports program into 2 separate .exe's.  They both open the same .mdb file.

We have had a couple of instances where our customers are unable to run
both the main application program and the separate reports program
simultaneously on the same PC.  When the 2nd program tries to open the
database, they receive "Error 3050 - Couldn't Lock File" message.

We have been unable to reproduce the problem here.  In addition, one of the
customers that is experiencing the problem is only experiencing it on two
of three machines; the third machine can run both apps fine.

Any ideas out there?

Jim Donovan

Sat, 06 Mar 1999 03:00:00 GMT  
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