Using the T-SQL debugger 
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 Using the T-SQL debugger

I have managed to install this along with the server-side bits but am
having trouble getting the client and server elements talking to each

I've had a look at the relevant document on MSDN and in the trouble
shooting guide it tell you to make sure that the MSSQLSERVER service is
not being run as the local admin and I've changed that but now when I run
my project it starts the automation manager (it's there on the task bar,
see it?) but I get this in the application event viewer...

CreateDispatch failed ( Access is denied.
 ). Check to make sure Automation manager is running on de{*filter*} machine.

The user I've created for the MSSQLSERVER service is can log on as a
service and is part of the admin group. Is there anything else I need to
do to make this work.

All advice and offers of help will be gratefully accepted.
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