Problem with Vb Form 
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 Problem with Vb Form

I will try to keep this problem simple:

Let's say I ahve a form with a picture in the picture property.  The
picture has three shaps on it, a tirangle, a circle, and a quadralateral.
I want to be able to trigger an event each time a different shape is
clicked.  Yes, I have thought about placing these  shapes in individual
pictue boxes.  How ever, the shapes are not sqaure, the picture boxes are.
 Thus, if I place the shape side-by-side, the background of the picture
boxes will overlap, and hide the other shape(s).  

Is there a way to get the Current Cursor Position, then put that in an If
Statement, so I can trigger an even "If" MouseDown is in that paticular
area?  I think I have found an API call function (GetCursorPos), but I
have now documentation on just how to use it?

Does anyone have help on this?

Thans a bunch,
Red. :-)
Alan McDonald

Wed, 20 May 1998 03:00:00 GMT  
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