HELP! Reporting from a Web Page 
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 HELP! Reporting from a Web Page

How do you generate reports from a web page?

I wrote a VB3 app that accesses an ACCESS 2.0 db. The reports were
generated using Crystal ReportS. The app was used on 5 different servers,
each server with different data in the db.

The group using the app wanted to consolidate the data and use one central
app from their respective servers. The solution seemed to be to convert the
app to a web application.

I re-wrote the VB3 app in VB5 and ran the ACTIVEX DOCUMENT WIZARD to
convert the .FRM files into .DOB files. Some errors were created and I
fixed those. Testing the app on the browser, everything seems to work
except the reporting. This was something I hadn't considered. How do you
generate reports in a web app?

I'd appreciate any help or suggestions as to resources available. Thanks!

Mon, 27 Mar 2000 03:00:00 GMT  
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