Connecting ADO Datacontrol and Datagrid to Foxpro Table 
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 Connecting ADO Datacontrol and Datagrid to Foxpro Table

Thanks to everybody in advance:

I have been provided one each of a Foxpro *.dbf and *.dbt file.  I am
unfamiliar with FoxPro tables.  I wanted to view the contents of the *.dbf
file real quick, so I added an ADO datacontrol pointing to the *.dbf file
and added a datagrid with my ADO data control as the datasource.  I had done
this before with other *.dbf files with success.

ADO data control connection string is:
Driver={Microsoft Visual FoxPro Driver};
SourceType=DBF;SourceDb=C:\Directorywheretableresides; Exclusive=No;

ADO Command Text SQL is:

When I tried to view the form without the *.dbt file in the same path as the
*.dbf file, I received an error stating that it was missing and the datagrid
did not populate.  When I moved the *.dbt file into the same path and ran
the program, it ran, and the datagrid only populated the field names (no
rows of data were displayed).

In an ascii viewer, I viewed both files.  The *.dbf file had about 3000 rows
of data.  The *.dbt file had the same amount of rows (I believe these were
memo fields of some sort that were linked to the *.dbf file.)  Can anybody
tell me what it is, and how I use it?

Am I missing something that will enable me to view the data in my datagrid?
Or could it be a problem with the file(s)?

All help is appreciated,


Mon, 07 Oct 2002 03:00:00 GMT  
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