Calling Oracle7 Stored Procedures via the ODBC 2.10 API 
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 Calling Oracle7 Stored Procedures via the ODBC 2.10 API

In my company we are currently rewriting an application to use
Oracle stored procedures. We would like to call the sp's using
the ODBC 2.10 API. I would like to see some code examples in
Visual Basic 3.0 that does the following:

- passes integer, variable length string(LONG) and date parameters to
  the sp's.
- gets integer, var. length string and date parameters back via
  output parameters.
- handles sp error codes in a neat way.

And by the way : Is there any way to get the ODBC handles that the
 Jet Engine is using ??


Torben Bach Pedersen
Kommunedata I/S
Aarhus, Denmark

Sat, 01 Aug 1998 03:00:00 GMT  
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