VB 6.0 & SQl server 6.5 
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 VB 6.0 & SQl server 6.5

1)    How do I query a SQL executive scheduled task from VB 6.0 so that I
can read it's history, to tell if it worked ok.  The problem I have is that
I have a scheduled task which copies a zip file of backups that have taken
place each night onto an arcserve fileserver.  This is happening on 7
databases, so I want to write a VB program which interrogates all the
scheduled tasks to check their status.  I need to read it's history, so
sometimes it ends with a process code 0 (success), but the actual copy job
did not work due to network problem etc.

2)    How do I stop and start SQL server and SQL executive from VB.  There
is a command line statement which does this (Something like net stop
sqlexecutive /u), but I want to also tell that the server has stopped, or
that the server has come back on-line again.  I'd like to do this with an
API call, and not issuing the above as a dos shell command.

If you can help with any of the above, could you reply also to

as I very rarely have time to read this newsgroup, and I may miss a reply.


Scot Brown

Sun, 03 Mar 2002 03:00:00 GMT  
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